Genesis kicks off first tour in 15 years in Helsinki

Collins, Rutherford and Banks failed to convince founder and former front man Peter Gabriel to join forces with the three, as he will also be touring Europe with his own show this summer.

Founded in 1966 by Banks, Rutherford, Gabriel and Anthony Phillips, Genesis has changed composition several times. For the upcoming tour the initiating trio will be joined by two other former members, drummer Chester Thompson and guitarist Daryl Stuermer.

Speaking at a press conference in London in 2006, the band members said the decision to reunite was something they had considered for a long time.

"We're doing this for fun," Banks said, adding that money was not an issue.

"We're all loaded enough not to worry where the next million or two is going to come from," Collins added jokingly.

With nearly 130 million albums sold worldwide and 1,400 concerts played, Genesis in 1987 set a tour record with sold-out shows at every arena.

The band broke onto the music scene playing progressive rock with influences from now-legendary acts such as Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and the Beatles.

Collins, previously the band's drummer, replaced Peter Gabriel as lead singer in 1975 and the band changed style towards a more radio-friendly pop. Though many original fans were put off by the change of style, it gave the group worldwide success.

Collins has also had a successful solo career featuring hits like "Another Day in Paradise", "Wish it Would Rain Down", "One More Night" and "Against All Odds".

The "Turn It On Again" tour, named after a 1980s hit, will take the band to Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Britain and Monaco before finishing off at the Colosseum in Rome on July 14.

The tour continues in North America from September 5 to October 13 where fans will be able to see the band in Montreal, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Denver and Sacramento.

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