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Genesis Interactive Songbook CD-ROM

Play2music is a PC ONLY CD-ROM based system that allows you to learn guitar and keyboard parts by playing along with a track whilst watching finger positioning etc., in a variety of different windows. The screen shot below shows the basic layout with the various windows open for guitar and keyboard parts of 'Turn it on Again'. A demo of the CD-ROM can be downloaded {here} (it is a 5.7MB download so will take some time on a 56k dial-up). It includes part of the 'Turn it on Again' track (in MP3 format). As you may be able to see in the screenshot below, guitar and keyboard fingering appears in real time and you can also learn various guitar riffs in sections at the tempo of your choice.

The tracks that come with the full scale CD-ROM are, for copyright reasons, MIDI rhythm tracks which you can play along to. It is possible, however, to synchronise the original track from the CD played in your computer's CD drive with the software so that you can also play along with the finished track.

The tracks on Part One of the Songbook are:
  * Abacab
  * Follow You, Follow Me
  * Hold On My Heart
  * I Can't Dance
  * I Know What I Like
  * Invisible Touch
  * Land Of Confusion
  * Mama
  * Turn It On Again
The rest of the songs on 'Turn it on again' will appear on Part Two of the songbook along with two other single videos. Also in the pipeline are Mike and the Mechanics' and Phil Collins' Interactive Songbooks.

NOTE 1: The download, once unzipped, contains an .exe file. Though we have checked it with up to date anti-virus software we recommend you do the same before running the program. Hit & Run Music and Play2Music cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the downloading and installation of this file.

NOTE 2: This, and the CD-ROM itself, are in a PC ONLY format.

For more information about the Play2Music system and the other bands and musicians whose work they do, go to the {Play2Music web site}.


Genesis Interactive Songbook
Genesis Interactive Songbook


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