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Genesis in Lyon in front of 30 000 fans

"Genesis is absolutely one of the groups more exciting of all times", affirms Michael Cohl, the Canadian producer of the group, which is also that of Rolling Stones. According to the example of their contemporaries Pink Floyd, The Who or Cream, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, two of the four founders of Genesis, created in 1966, joined Phil Collins, which had joined them like beater in 1970, to set up this round which began last month in Helsinki. Peter Gabriel, leader of the group until his departure in 1975 and his replacement as singer by Phil Collins, declined the invitation to join to them, putting forward a timetable charged. Phil Collins had left the group in 1996 to him to start a profitable career solo. The three musicians indicated for a long time to have considered their return on scene "do We it for the pleasure", said Tony Banks, ensuring that it was not question of money. The group had even planned to play their album "The Lamb binds down one Broadway" in his entirety, as Lou Reed plays its Berlin, with Peter Gabriel with the song. This one had been declared interested, but not sufficiently available "One met to speak about it, with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett.

But Peter records a new album and it also will leave in round. But after that perhaps which one will be able to do it. One all is very motivated for that "explained us Mike Rutherford a few months ago.

It is a friendship between Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel, in a college of Surrey, which is at the origin of the group. The pianist and the flutist singer occur for a festival of school and meet Mike Rutherford and Anthony Philips, both guitarists. A first 45 turns leaves in 1968, then a first album, "From Genesis to revelation" the following year. But success will take a long time to come. One will need the arrival of Steve Hackett, then of Phil Collins, and the album "Nursery Rhyme" in 1971, so that the group is recognized by the public. Peter Gabriel then introduces a setting in very theatrical scene into the concerts of the group and invents the new shape of spectacle. Musicalement, Genesis is directed towards a rock'n'roll from now on qualified the progressive one: a mixture of rates/rhythms jazzy, emphases rock'n'roll and contemporary digressions which will make the beautiful hours of the Seventies. For Genesis, these years will be those of the change: Peter Gabriel leaves the group in 1975, then it is later the turn of Steve Hackett two years. Defections which do not affect the success of the group: Phil Collins settles with the microphone and inaugurates a new era of success for the Britannique group. It is besides this formula of Genesis which the Lyoneses will find at the Stage of Gerland, around Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks.

© Leprogres, by Thierry Meissirel
Translation by Babelfish

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