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Genesis Fed Up Of Being 'Overlooked'

Genesis Fed Up Of Being "OVERLOOKED" Genesis are sick of being unappreciated and "overlooked" in the thread of rock history.

While contemporaries like Led Zeppelin are hailed as trailblazers, the Musical Box troupe stand accused of selling out their avant-garde rock roots in favour of chart success.

Guitarist Mike Rutherford says, "We've had a bit of a rough ride. We've been overlooked."

Keyboard player Tony Banks agrees: "We don't seem to have many friends. If we're played on the radio now, it's only four or five hits we had in the Eighties, songs like I can't Dance, Invisible Touch and  In Too Deep.

"That's Genesis as far as most people are concerned."

Phil Collins, who joined the band in 1970 as a drummer before moving centre stage later when original vocalist Peter Gabriel quit, insists there is more to the band than their big chart success.

He says, "If people listened to Genesis back catalogue they might be surprised."

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