From Genesis To Compilation: The Collins Years Remembered

The compilation is to be called 'Genesis - Hits' and will chart the band's singles success since Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975 to be replaced on vocals by drummer Phil Collins. Collins himself left the multi-million selling band in 1995 to devote himself to his solo career. 

Collins' tenure saw the band go from cult art rock figureheads to adult contemporary heavyweights, releasing their three biggest albums - 'Genesis' (1983), 'Invisible Touch' (1986) and 'We Can't Dance' (1991) - while he was their vocalist.

According to the Rolling Stone website, the compilation will include 'Follow You, Follow Me', 'Invisible Touch', 'No Son Of Mine', 'Misunderstanding', 'Tonight, Tonight, Tonight', 'Abacab', 'Land Of Confusion' and 'Mama'. 

It won't strictly be a Phil Collins years look back, however. The retrospective will also include 'I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)' and 'Carpet Crawlers' from the Peter Gabriel period, and 'Congo' from 'Calling All Stations', recorded with the band's new lead singer Ray Wilson, one-time member of Stiltskin. 

The compilation - the release date of which is still unknown -follows on from the four CD 'Genesis Archives, Vol 1: 1967-1975 - The Gabriel Years', which was released last year.

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