Firm's Genesis DVD deal joy

The business, based at Wolverhampton Science Park, was set up two years ago by 23-year-old Christopher Hood and Tom Prentice, 25, after they graduated from Staffordshire University in Film Production Technology.

They were excited to meet the band including Phil Collins, who is touring with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks for the first time in 15 years. Mr Hood, of Stafford, said working with Genesis had been a brilliant project. "We shot four of their meetings in London with the band and their manager about all aspects of the tour," he said.

"They were nice guys and it was really interesting seeing all of the planning work they are involved in. It was a bit surreal being surrounded by these stars but hopefully this will put us in the frame for future work like this."

Motionworks was contacted by USA producer Anthony Mathile and asked to capture the behind-the-scenes footage of the band. Mr Hood said they were chosen because they had invested in the latest high-definition recording equipment.

Mr Mathile was actually using the same camera in the USA to shoot other parts of the documentary. The company has also invested in top-of-the-range telephone equipment so they never miss a call, and they can talk to customers abroad without incurring astronomical charges.

The high-tech facilities have meant Motionworks has been able to compete for work that otherwise would have been out of a small company's league.

Mr Hood said: "It's a really enjoyable thing to be involved in and we're learning so much every day. It's hard work but we love it."

Genesis start their tour across Europe this summer but the only UK dates are at Old Trafford on July 7 and Twickenham on July 8. The band sold more than 130 million albums during the 1970s and 80s.

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