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Backstage with Genesis at the Coliseum

Backstage with Genesis at the ColiseumDave Tarbert was the ‘Man On Music’ during the early days of Live on Five. Dave followed the music scene in Cleveland and it took him to concert venues big and small.

The clip in our video player is a three-minute piece Dave did behind the scenes of the Genesis concert at the Richfield Coliseum. It’s a rare look at what really goes on before the crowd shows up for the evening.

Phil Collins showed Dave the collectibles he received while on the road and his band mates played ping-pong backstage as the crew set the stage and lights. The story aired December 13, 1983, however the concert appears to have taken place about a week earlier.

I’ll admit watching the video made me wonder if we’d be allowed the access today we had in 1983, and also how much I miss the Coliseum.

© Newsnet5, by Tom Livingston

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