And then they returned three...

The list of the interpreted subjects included remembered hits as "Breast", "Throwing It All Away", "Tonight Tonight Tonight" and the one that name gives this tour, "Turn It On Again".

This waited for return is framed in the tour that will take to give them 22 concerts through the greatest stages of Europe, from Germany passing by Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Holland and England to Italy, in where will occur to closing to tour day 14 of Julio. In means, the 7 of July, Genesis will open the environmentalist recital Live Earth, in the renewed Wembley Stadium of London.

The band, that began to be led by the Phil drummer Collins in the middle of the 70 after the game of Peter Gabriel, takes sold about 130 million discs. Although in 1995, the singer in solista form visited our country and touched in the Monumental Stage, the band with its complete formation never approached Argentina. Will be the return a possible opportunity so that we pruned them to see live? There are contacts of producers so that Genesis touches in Argentina, but still nothing defined in concrete. We will continue informing.

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