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5.1 mix of The Lamb Released in September

5.1 mix of The Lamb Released in September Nick Davis has completed the 5.1 mix of The Lamb. This new version of The Lamb is scheduled for release in September, 2004 on the thirtieth anniversary of its original release.

KLOS radio in Los Angeles reported Saturday that the Genesis progressive rock classic, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway has been mixed for 5.1 audio and will be released this September. The concept album features a young Peter Gabriel on vocals and Phil Collins on drums. Many art rock fans consider this to be one of the top ten best progressive rock albums in music history.

Atlantic Records being part of Warner will likely release the disc on DVD. The question is will the release be on DVD-Audio or some form of Dual Disc. Sources inside a major record label and a prominent electronics manufacturer tell AudioRevolution.com that the Dual Disc test marketing went very well with very few returns. When asked why there had been so few DVD-Audio releases lately one exec responded “Its pretty obvious isn’t it”?

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