Genesis remaster questions (all mistakes identified)

There were a number of mistakes in the so called "Definitive" remasters. Here is a list of them:


According to the original CD and artwork, the original release date of the album was October 1972. On the Genesis Archive I box set, there is an advertisement that shows that the original release date was in fact on September 30th, 1972.

Genesis Live:

On the 1st edition of the remasters, the musicians credited on the back cover are Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, John Mayhew and Anthony Phillips. This is obviously wrong as Mayhew and Phillips left the band after "Trespass". Replace them with Steve Hackett and that unknown drummer Phil Collins and you have the correct line-up! This has been replaced in later editions.

Selling England By The Pound:

Half of the lyrics for "The Battle Of Epping Forest" are placed after the song After The Ordeal as TBoEP (continued).

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway:

Fly On A Windshield/Broadway Melody Of 1974 are wrongly tracked. Fly should finish after 2:44 and Broadway Melody should be 2:10 in length, not 0:33 as in the remaster. Additionally, The Supernatural Anesthetist is labeled as Here Comes The Supernatural Anesthetist on the remastered version.

A Trick Of The Tail:

On quite a few copies, the first three songs on side two are wrongly credited. They should be:

Robbery, Assault & Battery (Banks/Collins)
Ripples (Rutherford/Banks)
A Trick Of The Tail (Banks)

Wind & Wuthering:

On the original CD, 'Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers... ...in that Quiet Earth' is one track, but on the remaster it's two separate tracks.

Seconds Out:

On some copies "The Musical Box" reads as "The Musical Fox" on the back cover and even "The Musical Bow" in some copies! Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos is wrongly tracked. DoaV should finish after 5:09 and not halfway through Los Endos as it does in the remaster!

Three Sides Live:

The fourth side is VERY wrongly tracked! It should be:

One For The Vine
Fountain Of Salmacis
It/Watcher Of The Skies

and not:

One For The Vine part 1
One For The Vine part 2
Fountain Of Salmacis/It/Watcher Of The Skies

...and if you noticed...

The original release in the US had a fourth side of:
You Might Recall
Me And Vigil
Evidence Of Autumn
Open Door

But the original UK release had:
One For The Vine
Fountain Of Salmacis
It/Watcher Of The Skies

The remastered version is the UK version of TSL. The US version is NOT available, although you may want to look for the 5 studio tracks in the 2nd box set.

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