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Phil Collins Names Genesis Hit He Had Mixed Feelings About: 'Suddenly We Had Lots of Female Fans'

During a recent radio interview, Phil Collins talked about the 1978 Genesis track "Follow You, Follow Me," which marked their first Top 10 hit in the UK, reaching No. 7 on the Singles Chart.

Collins explained how he "had mixed feelings about it," saying

"It's funny, it wasn't quite a hit actually until the lyric went on it. When the lyric went on it, I felt there was a little tweak.

"[The late keyboardist] Joe Zawinul from Weather Report, I remember meeting those guys, and they said, 'We used to play 'Follow You, Follow Me' on the bus all the time.'

"It was a direct song, and it blew open in America, and suddenly we had lots of female fans, as well as the guys - they could still like us without thinking we changed.

"Having sung a couple of lightweight songs like [1976's] 'Entangled,' I said, 'Let me have a go.' Because at that point, I was thinking, 'If we're not careful, we're going to get something that's not good enough.'

"So anyway, I tried the song, and went, 'This sounds alright.' We went down to the studio to do another song, and one by one, we knocked them all up. It certainly opened up the whole area of my life in terms of writing songs, singing, it changed my life completely."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Phil talked about how he "stumbled across a new sound" known as the "gated drum" sound during the recording sessions for Peter Gabriel's third solo album, 1980's self-titled. The sound ended up on Phil's monumental hit "In the Air Tonight." He said:

"One day, I was tuning the drums actually, played around the drums, [producers] Hugh Padgham and Steve [Lilywhite] were fooling around the noise gates and compression, so I was playing, and I was starting to hear a sound in the headphones.

"So I played this *mimics drum noises* I started a pattern, and then Peter was in the control room, his finger on the button, and he says, 'What's that?' So I said, 'Nothing, really.'

"And he said, 'Well, just play that for 10 minutes.' And at the end of the session I said, 'What are you gonna do with it?' He said, 'I don't know, it's really good.' So I said, 'Well if you're not gonna use it, can I have it?'

"I mean, it's half-mine as well, and eventually it turned out that he had a song that he did have, I believe was called 'Intruder,' and worked fantastically well."

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