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Genesis don't think a reunion with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett would work

Genesis have ruled out a reunion to include former members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett because they don't think it would work.

Genesis insist it would be "weird" to have Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett involved in their reunion tour.

The 'Invisible Touch' hitmakers - comprising Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks - are set to embark on their first concert series since 2007 and though they can understand why fans would like to see them joined by their former members, they don't think it would work with all five of them.

Asked about the possibility of getting Peter, who left in 1974, and Steve, who quit three years later, involved, Phil said: "I think a reunion with Steve and Pete would be uphill. Playing with Mike and Tony is the easy option."

Mike added: "I know people love the idea that the five of us will get together again, but the songs most people know and love are from the last 40 years. Peter left so long ago. I really don't know what we could do with him now."

Tony told MOJO magazine: "As much as I love those early albums, it would be weird to just do songs from that period."

As with Phil's comeback solo tour two years ago, his 18-year-old son Nicholas will be covering for him on drums because the 'In the Air Tonight' hitmaker is no longer able to play because of a spinal condition.

Phil insisted: "I didn't elbow him into the band. You can't force a drummer onto these guys."

But his bandmates had some initial reservations about enlisting the teenager.

Tony said: "When I first heard Phil was using Nic, I thought it was a stupid thing to do. Nic was only 16.

"But then reports started coming back about how good he was, the real deal.

"I saw Phil's show at the Albert Hall and Nic was just incredible."

Recalling their first rehearsal together, he added: "The first songs we played were 'No Son of Mine' and 'Land of Confusion'.

"Mainly because they're the two easiest. "Nic knew them better than we did. He showed us up - embarrassingly so."

While the trio are looking forward to the tour, they've no plans to make a new album.

Mike said: "It's not on our radar, no. This tour is a big undertaking in itself."

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Genesis - No Son Of Mine (Official Music Video) GenesisVEVO


  • Ed
    Ed Wednesday, 06 May 2020 09:37 Comment Link Report

    Steve does such a better job of presenting Genesis then Banks, Collins and Rutherford. See this link...

  • Al
    Al Thursday, 30 April 2020 04:43 Comment Link Report

    Peter and Steve would never agree to play any of the post Trick of the Tail material you Merry 3 chose to record

  • Austin Centolella
    Austin Centolella Sunday, 26 April 2020 18:30 Comment Link Report

    They are welcome to do what they want.
    1970s are gone. So what.
    The music video and restoration of the master tracks are fine.
    It was too much to ask for to believe that at their ages they have any plans for real efforts.
    They are a pop culture tribute band and that's fine.
    Art is not a debate
    I don't believe Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel would have half the problems with any meaningful endeavors but I can understand seeing the Phil Collins Tony Banks Michael Rutherford corporation going against the reality that really outside of a few tracks - Phil Mike and Tony can't actually perform anymore like Peter or Steve still do.
    I would imagine seeing a band approved sponsored effort to take their ideas to the theater where it belongs as music not on radios or pop culture as it went down in the early decades of the band where it mattered to most of us who followed Genesis the art rock British college radio concert festival bands of then Progressive rock - not pop or radio commercial.
    It comes to mind to sound biting but this is hard management that is not actually here anymore to coral these people like it used to be when they needed the money before they took to being radio pop culture end of their career make the money back before they first retired in the 1990s.
    Steve Hackett with Peter Gabriel could use the old band for tracks anytime if the old band wanted to be there-they didn't and won't. they can't.
    I don't work for Genesis or Phil Collins, Tony Banks or Mike Rutherford nor does anyone in my family that I am aware of, so I state it- big disappointment with what happened all these years seeing these same issues remain from the same instigators and obstructionists.
    Outside of health issues, they have no other real excuses for denying the people who loved their reason for being there in the first place long before they made their money for their families and corporate endeavors.
    I think it has something with being British that made them so hard to function like normal -without losing their money for living abroad as it is - status not stature.

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