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"Foxtrot" by Genesis (1972)

Foxtrot Album Cover - 1972 Foxtrot Album Cover - 1972

You can argue back and forth over whether Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins was the better Genesis singer, but you can’t deny that this Gabriel-led album is one of the band’s best.

The standout track is the 22-minute suite "Supper’s Ready," one of the first examples of a song taking up almost an entire side of an album, a hallmark of progressive rock. Despite Collins’ and Gabriel’s respective high profiles, I actually find that guitarist Steve Hackett and keyboardist Tony Banks carry this album, with Banks’ low, quiet melodies refreshingly interrupted by Hackett’s frantic, tightly-knit guitar breaks, helping tie together the musical themes, especially on "Supper’s Ready."

This record was a high point for the band’s august Peter Gabriel years along with its two follow-ups, "Selling England by the Pound" and "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway," finishing  Gabriel’s tenure as singer before Collins stepped in.


Foxtrot - Genesis [Full Remastered Album] (1972) Hunter Koester

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