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Ray Wilson says Mike Rutherford was reason for no second Genesis album

Former Genesis singer Ray Wilson says guitarist Mike Rutherford stopped band in their tracks following 1997's Calling All Stations.

Ray Wilson has singled out Mike Rutherford as the reason he never recorded another album with Genesis.

The singer succeeded Phil Collins and fronted the band from 1996 until 1998. He recorded vocals on their last album, 1998's Calling All Stations, before parting ways with them after the tour later that year.

Wilson tells Eonmusic: "When I signed my contract to join the band, it was for two albums. It was always the idea to do the first and then go from there, but Mike Rutherford changed his mind – that’s exactly what happened.

"I think he felt he didn’t have the stamina to do another one. All of a sudden you’re faced with going from 15 million albums sales to two and a half, and I think he couldn’t find it in himself to do the next one.

"It’s a great shame, because I think we could have at least recorded it. Even if it hadn’t been very good, we didn’t need to release it, but we should have at least sat down together and continued the process, because I think we really became a band after the tour."

Wilson goes on to suggest that Genesis have tried to erase his era with the band from their history. He says: "They kind of try to brush it under the carpet a little bit. Even though I believe Calling All Stations was the fourth best-selling album of their history, they seem to kind of try and get rid of it."

The vocalist also recalls when the band ignored his request for a remastered copy of the album from their 2015 Genesis: 1983 – 1998 box set.

Wilson adds: "It really is kindergarten stuff. They’re Genesis, for Christ’s sake - you don’t behave like that. I don’t understand the politics behind it."

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Calling All Stations - Genesis [Full Remastered Album] (1997) Hunter Koester


  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler Saturday, 31 December 2016 11:24 Comment Link Report

    I went to see the Wilson-fronted Genesis at the Earls Court arena in London in 1998. Now, my assessment was that Ray Wilson did not have the charisma that Phil Collins had, and that Banks and Rutherford saw it right away, only they were 'in too deep' (ha ha ha ha haa.....zzzz!) to do anything about it. Sure, they cancelled the US tour, but to cancel Europe as well would have really hit the album sales. The lack of charisma was not Wilson's fault, but it seems that Banks & Rutherford treated him as if it were. This is a very sad state of affairs - Mike Rutherford & Tony Banks knew they had made a mistake in hiring Wilson but could not admit it. Marillion were famous as a band who once copied Genesis, but when Marillion found Steve Hogarth as a replacement for Fish they went on to still greater success. Sadly, Genesis were not able to repeat that trick. While the 2007 reunion tour with Phil Collins was good in many respects (I saw them two days consecutively on that tour - Wembley Stadium at Live Earth and then Twickenham), I felt the tour was a missed opportunity to bring Gabriel and Hackett on for a song or two, as The Rolling Stones did with Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor, and also to bring on Ray Wilson. Very bad form. x

  • cormac casey
    cormac casey Monday, 21 November 2016 20:38 Comment Link Report

    Calling all stations is a good album, it is far superior to invisible touch and we cant dance. Ray Wilson was never given a fair chance to establish himself within the group. At this stage in their career 2.5 million sales is realistic. They should have recorded and promoted a second album with Ray, playing smaller venues.

  • Dipello
    Dipello Wednesday, 24 August 2016 07:15 Comment Link Report

    I remember a TV interview with both Rutherford and Banks after the fiasco of "Calling of stations" and its cancelled US leg of the tour. The main question posed by the interviewer was what was going to happen then, and Rutherford stated Wilson had a contract that implied a second album with him in the band and then began mumbling something about the need to reconsider the musical direction of the band in order not to repeat the same mistake. But when he stated that Wilson was to remain it was cut by Banks with a «If there's still got to be a Genesis, it will be without Wilson. Full stop».

  • M. A. Gallardo
    M. A. Gallardo Thursday, 07 July 2016 03:46 Comment Link Report

    In my opinion, Calling All Stations was the best Genesis album since 1981's Abacab. I am a Foxtrot/Lamb/Trick/Wind fan, but beyond that core, I thoroughly enjoy Duke, Abacab and Calling. To see Genesis dumped just because they no longer were a big fat pop hit is sad and degrading. Does time make you wiser?

  • CAS fan
    CAS fan Saturday, 18 June 2016 03:38 Comment Link Report

    I'll always wonder what could have been. such a shame they didn't continue and terrible treatment of wilson to boot. for a band with such a rich legacy they had a golden opportunity to reclaim to it... smaller tours, more fan friendly, new music. instead we got nothing except a final bloated cash grab of a tour with five minutes of the 'I Can't Dance' walk. Thanks mike.

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