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Mike Rutherford: Genesis wouldn't reform for Glastonbury

Mike Rutherford says a headline slot at Glastonbury wouldn't be enough to tempt Genesis to reform.

The 64-year-old musician insists he and the other members of the band - Phil Collins, Tony Banks and original singer Peter Gabriel - have no plans to reunite and even if Michael Eavis called them to offer them the top spot at his festival it wouldn't be a big enough ''carrot''.

Rutherford told BANG Showbiz: ''We wouldn't be tempted back together just to do Glastonbury. I don't think so, no ... There's no carrot that can be waved at us to make us do it.''

The bassist-and-guitarist insists festivals were never a big deal to Genesis because they played their own huge outdoor shows but accepts Glastonbury has become a big part of the music calendar now.

He added: ''The weird thing was is that we never did festivals. Our own shows were like a festival. Genesis would play Knebworth with support bands in front of, like, 100,000 people. We didn't play festivals because we could do our own festival-sized gigs. Festivals have become very popular now though, for sure.''

Rutherford - who is currently on tour with his band Mike + The Mechanics - thinks it's unlikely Genesis will ever reform unless they are presented with a project so exciting they can't turn it down.

However, the 'Over My Shoulder' hitmaker insists all the band members are still friends and in contact with one another.

He said: ''I don't think it'll ever happen (Genesis reforming), but whoever knows what's round the corner. It depends on what project might appear that makes you think, 'Oh, that could be good.' If something special ever came along then we might think about it, but there's no plans ... People often forget we've been doing this since 71, you know what I mean? We all get on well though; there's no dramas, we've all remained friends.''

Mike + The Mechanics - featuring Rutherford and vocalists Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar - are currently on tour in the UK performing a career-spanning set which includes hits such as 'The Living Years', 'All I Need Is A Miracle' and 'Silent Running' and Genesis songs.

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  • Mister Sterling
    Mister Sterling Thursday, 22 June 2017 14:25 Comment Link Report

    The member most responsible for preventing a full 5-piece reunion has been Tony. He hates Hackett. Kicked him out of the band. Tony has been the reason we will never see a reunion. Now, with Phil in declining health, this is certain. I remember Genesis at Knebworth. That was a good move. Glastonbury or a series of reunion shows at Hyde Park would have been amazing. What could have been if it weren't for Tony and Phil.

  • Shirley Ann Williams
    Shirley Ann Williams Monday, 18 May 2015 08:47 Comment Link Report

    I think they would reunite given the right personal circumstances and if certain musical issues could be overcome. Now that Phil can longer drum a full reunion leaves the problem of their being two lead singers - but swopping lead and backing vocals or blending as they used to and working together on at least some tracks could be very interesting - different and not a replication of the past. Also the majority of Genesis songs were written after Peter Gabriel left - which leaves the issue of whether he would only sing songs he co-wrote or whether he would contribute lead or backing vocals to pieces that Phil Collins co-wrote or originally sang. I think Prog die hards forget Phil's immense contribution to the band. Chester Thompson can cover Phil's drumming - although of course I wish Phil could still play as before. Thinking outside the box and bringing Simon Collins in to do the duets and big drum solos could be a good alternative? Although Daryl Steurmer is a great guitarist and I am sure arrangements could be created to continue to 'include him. But Steve Hackett does things with a guitar that are so heavenly no one else can touch
    him - he is a truly unique talent and a fantastic composer. Since he is so determined to play Genesis these days I can't believe he's not up for it. And what about the possibility of new material - created as before ny the band as a group? I don't entirely buy the idea that any art should be created by one individual to produce the best - in fact Genesis debunked this idea by composing together. Lyrics seem generally to have been written by individuals though. Although Genesis have already made it the hunger to create music must still be there. As for Glastonbury - it could work for Genesis but maybe not in the usual festival format. A one off festival dedicated to Genesis and all the solo acts and bands each member has created would take up at least four days.

  • Simon
    Simon Friday, 15 May 2015 14:48 Comment Link Report

    All these 'reunion' speculations seem to miss out the most important obstacle: Phil Collins can't drum any more. Even if they were all up for reuniting, he is now physically unable to drum so they couldn't tour again anyway.

    The big chance came in 2005 when all 5 met to discuss doing a Lamb tour, and Gabriel backed out, saying he had a new album to concentrate on. The trio did the tour while no album came from Gabriel and still hasn't. At least not an album of new stuff.

    Unless you saw the 1982 one-off, that's it, game over.

  • Max
    Max Thursday, 23 April 2015 16:39 Comment Link Report

    They don't need money...so, they won't do it...never...

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