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Genesis - I Know What I Like - App

Genesis - I Know What I Like - App

Armando Gallo, legendary Rock and Hollywood Photographer, has just announced that his acclaimed 1980 book "Genesis - I Know What I Like" is now an app for the iPad, available at the iTunes App Store.

The Book has always been a Genesis fan's favorite and it has now become an iconic story of a coming of age rock band emerging from the youth revolution of the ’60 into the ’70 - an amazing musical renaissance that followed the Beatles brake up. This biography was the first comprehensive chronicle of the seventies period of Genesis and his classic lineup featuring Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford.  

The author did extensive research for the original book, and the app now features hundreds of never-before-seen photos, voices and more, making it the most ambitious and interactive rock app ever released for tablets. This is not just the "definitive edition" of the most beloved Genesis book, but an ever-evolving "Genesis Music Appreciation Society" where new material can be added over time, again and again.

Steve Hackett, Genesis’ legendary guitarist, currently playing on his own Genesis Revisited tour, contributed music to the App along with Genesis’ first guitarist Anthony Phillips and Daryl Stuermer. Hackett said: "I truly feel that Genesis deserves this ultimate edition… Armando's done a lot of great work on this". Peter, Tony, Mike and Phillips also reviewed the app before the release and were very pleased with the results and Genesis contributed over 20 bits of their own iconic songs to this new digital experience.

The app, developed by ARGA/ZENTRIC, which earlier this year also released Peter Gabriel’s "So" App, features:

  • The Ultimate Edition of the Classic " Genesis I Know What I Like" book with over 200 pages and over 500 photographs
  • Armando Gallo’s Interactive Light-box… Drag the loupe over his most precious photographs and zoom into them, time traveling to the 70’s with extensive audio commentary where Armando explains how they were taken, telling anecdotes, amazing stories and more
  • Original music including selected, exclusive tracks from Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Daryl Stuermer and more…
  • Never before heard, unreleased early Genesis music and exclusive photos
  • Videos with Paul Whitehead, the artist who created the art for Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot, explaining his creative process and collaboration with the band
  • Exclusive Animations and Sequences
  • Black and White images in the original book are now in Color. And readers can "touch" images to enlarge to the full iPad size and explore all details, rotate them and more
  • The Genesis Photo Booth... allows fans to use the iPad’s camera and pose with the members of the Classic Genesis lineup, then share the image with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • Vintage interactive vinyl turntable to play all the Genesis albums installed in the iTunes library with the original vinyl label art and more
  • Share Genesis Postcards with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • Genesis Wallpapers featuring Armando Gallo’s Seconds Out live photos
  • Interactive Video Help on how to use the app

Gallo adds, "This book was a labor of love when I wrote it in the late ‘70s, as I truly treated the project as from one fan to all others. I was really in a privileged position following the band as a journalist at its most beloved period and I wanted to share this with all my fellow Genesis fans, so everybody could be as close as I was. The original book had the obvious limitations of paper, number of pages, how many pages could be in color, size of photographs and more. This version overcomes all those constraints, so I was able to include never-before published material and music, sound bites from original interviews and animations to enhance a great interactive experience that will take fans closer to the band."

"Genesis - I Know What I Like" is now available for all iPads running iOS 7 or later, for $19.99 from the iTunes App Store. A sample free download is available before purchase.

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