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The Platinum Collection Review

Even though some fans were disappointed by the lack of new material, the Platinum Collection deserves a closer look, not least because it is the first compilation of Genesis songs to cover the band’s whole career. Genesis buffs will be delighted to find that many of the older songs were carefully remixed so that they appear in a whole new light. The reason why Genesis went to such lengths with the songs is, of course, the upcoming release of the band’s complete back catalogue on SACD in 5.1 surround mixes, their very first album From Genesis To Revelation, however, excepted. To accomplish the remixes, one has to separate the original multitrack recordings and remix them completely. Many of these songs have been treated like that already. The by-products of the 5.1 mixes, i.e. the all-new stereo mixes, were used for this Genesis starter kit. The Platinum Collection does not consist of newly recorded or restructured versions of the songs, which is what many people would call a ‘remix’. There were neither additions nor was anything left out. The songs were simply brushed up using modern technology. The net result is a much more homogenous audio tour through the history of Genesis than it was hitherto possible to have. People who are familiar only with the more recent and better-known output of our heroes will find it much easier to discover Genesis’ past. That’s why the tracks are in an (almost correctly) anti-chronological order, starting with more recent material and proceeding to older songs.

The Platinum Collection is not just another 3CD compilation. It is the only release so far to include all eras of the band’s history and provide a decent general view of the three decades of this unique band for newcomers. It is regrettable that some classics had to be left out (had they really?) because not all songs fully represent the variety of music on the album they come from. With 15 albums under their belt, the band should have gone for a 4CD box with the appropriate layout. The 20 page booklet is another missed opportunity. It only includes brief texts by Hugh Fielder, fotos of the album covers but no single image of the band. Surely there would have been a way to tell the history of the band in a more interesting way. We applaud the fact that most of the older tracks were used in the remixed versions made by Genesis’ mixer-in-residence Nick Davis. Still it may be asked why some of the songs did not get a thorough overhaul. There would have been space for the odd single mix to please collectors of rarities, particularly since this collection has such a strong focus on single releases. Be that as it may, a price of around EUR 20 is quite attractive. The Genesis fan community will hopefully grow strongly this Christmas.

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